Materials: Paper memories, photographs, documents, wood poles, staples.
Size: Pole height approximately 7.5’ and 5.5’ tall. Footprint area 3’ x 3’. Combined weight approximately 500lbs

Description: “Opposites Attract!”, a common sentiment to justify surprising partnerships: Male vs. Female, Color vs. Black/White, Vertical vs. Horizontal, Organic vs. Geometric, Temporary vs. Permanent.

Two wooden figures stand, with faded memories
Puddled at their feet.
Living stories hang by stapled threads
Staples both random and ordered, layered and stacked.
Bonds of promises stapled and held fast, forever,
for now.

Notices stapled to telephone poles are surely a dying form of communication, but one that honors the most humble of materials: wood and paper. I am a sculptor and I work in paper, the cheapest, and perhaps homeliest of materials. Paper begins its life gloriously as a sapling with decades of future before it and ends in the most common, least valuable, of all woods: paper. Nearly valueless on it’s own paper holds precious memories, stories, contracts, and promises. As a simple paper sculptor there is no stronger attraction than paper and a stapler.
Paper preserves our past. Permanently. At least for now.


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